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Coastal real estate welcomes the investment trend of

Coastal real estate welcomes the investment trend of "eagles"

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Seafront real estate attracts overseas Vietnamese thanks to the price increase

Từ biến động giá bất động sản mặt biển tại Hạ Long - cơ hội nào cho nhà đầu  tư dài hạn? - Nhịp sống kinh tế Việt Nam & Thế giới

The coastal real estate welcomes the trend of investors

Real estate experts recognized that, especially in coastal projects, real estate prices are much higher, in some places 30 times higher than inland. If the land price in Hong Kong increases gradually in 10 years, reaching an increase of 310%, the price of marine real estate in Nuoc Can Bay (Hong Kong) will increase even more rapidly.

Not out of the norm, in Vietnam, with the advantage of a coastline of 3,260km, coastal real estate always has a special attraction for investors. Typically, the land that has always attracted investment cash flow in recent times is Da Nang. Thanks to macro movements in attracting investment, and becoming a destination for the technology world, real estate developers position this city with the potential to approach the value of famous coastal cities in the world...

As noted by investors, to own a coastal real estate product, buyers have to spend an average of 15 - 30% more, because the product value that the coastal area brings is continuously improved. high, especially in high-end resort projects with synchronous utilities, methodical planning, and legal assurance.

The above factors partly promote the resort real estate projects of this city to establish a new price level, for example, the tourist apartment segment in the projects that have been and are being implemented, set prices from 50-100 million VND/m2.

New market opportunity

Bất động sản mặt biển sở hữu lâu dài trở thành kênh đầu tư sinh lời

The wave of investment moves to the unexploited coastal real estate area

While many traditional markets such as Nha Trang, ... can be considered to have begun to saturate, this will be an opportunity for the remaining coastal localities, especially the unexplored new areas that are holding profits. the land fund, infrastructure, and investment policy.

It is forecast that the wave of sea tourism will recover in the second half of 2022. The selection of coastal real estate as an investment field is reasonable given the current market situation because this is a segment that is forecasted to be highly profitable when Vietnam The South is on the way of economic development.

Source: vnEconomy

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