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Song Lo I Industrial Park

[0734]Song Lo I Industrial Park
Code : 0734

Total Area: 177.36ha

Period: 50 years 

Price: 90 USD/m2

Location : Vinh Phuc

Published : 07/26/2022

1. Site connection

Song Lo I Industrial Park - Vinh Phuc has a convenient location with a convenient traffic system, is a traffic hub, should be considered as one of the key industrial zones in Vinh Phuc. Distance from here to other areas:

  • To Hanoi city centre: 60km
  • To Noi Bai International airport: 45km
  • To Haiphong port: 180km
  • To Vinh Yen city: 15km


Location of Song Lo I Industrial Park on the map 

2. Infrastructure situation

Internal traffic system:

+ Main roadways: 31m - 4 lanes

+ Branch roadways: 15m - 2 lanes

Electricity: power grid is provided continuously and stably: 110/35/22KV, 40MVA

Water: standard wastewater treatment system with a capacity of  100.000m3/day

Sewage treatment: according to factory standard with stable capacity 20.000m3/day

Wastewater treatment system of Song Lo I industrial zone - Vinh Phuc (illustrating image)

Fill rate: contact  TOPLAND 

3. Attractive investment industries

  • Manufacturing materials, construction machinery and equipment, mechanical engineering, precision mechanics, auto parts, motorcycles
  • Producing consumer goods, apparel
  • Providing electrical, electronic and refrigeration equipment
  • Production of food , medical equipment and pharmaceuticals

4. Related costs

Management fee: 0.35 USD/m2   

Power price: 0.03 – 0.1 USD/KWh

Water price: 0.4 USD/m3

Wastewater treatment: 0.28 USD/m3

5. Preferential tax rate 

  • Corporate income tax incentives:

+ Apply corporate income tax rate (CIT) at the rate of 10% for a period of 15 years for high-tech enterprises and with CIT taxes from the implementation of new investment projects
+ Apply the CIT rate of 20% for a period of 10 years applicable to CIT from implementing new investment projects in high-grade steel production; produce energy-saving products; manufacturing machinery and equipment

  • Import tax incentives:

+ Applying the form of import tax exemption for imported goods to create fixed assets of investment projects from equipment, machinery and specialized means of transport in technological lines that cannot be produced domestically.

In addition, the province has also set aside a budget to support or partially support the construction of a number of investment items in the IZs, especially the cost of ground clearance in the construction of IZs; support industrial zones to settle housing for workers in industrial zones.



Our services

To support investors and partners, TOP LAND is ready to provide FREE investment promotion services such as:

+ Consultancy of Location for investment;

+ Consultancy for Finance & Investment capital;

+ Consultancy for Industrial design and construction;

+ Technology Consultancy;

+ Legal Consultancy;


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Contact information


Address : No. 5 Lot 8A4 Le Hong Phong Street, Dong Khe Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City

Telephone : 0913.040.789

Cell phone : 0913.040.789

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