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Industrial Park Vsip

Industrial Park Vsip

Code: 0064
Location : Hai Phong

Total Area: 1600 ha

Period: 50 years (2008-2058)

Price: 100 USD/m2

Published : 05/11/2022

1. Site connection

About the road:

Expressway Hanoi - Hai Phong

  • Connecting with Hai Phong - Ha Long - Mong Cai Expressway and connecting with VSIP Industrial Park.
  • Belonging to the Kunming - Lao Cai - Hanoi - Hai Phong economic corridor.

Hai Phong - Ha Long - Mong Cai Expressway
Shorten the transport time from Hai Phong to Shenzhen (China) to about 12 hours. Connect VSIP and Quang Ninh in less than 2 hours.

Coastal Expressway
Planning an expressway connecting 6 northeastern coastal provinces of Vietnam from Quang Ninh to Thanh Hoa.

 About seaport:

Lach Huyen deep water port

  • The volume of goods through the port: is estimated to reach 120 million tons/year by 2030
  • Design when completed: 16 container piers and 7 general piers
  • Operating from May 2018 (first 2 berths)

Hai Phong Port (Dinh Vu Port): Volume of goods through the port: 130 million tons (2020)
Cai Lan Port: Volume of goods through the port: 99.3 million tons (2019)

About the airport:

Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi)

  • About 125km from VSIP by highway Hanoi - Hai Phong
  • Commodity: 566,000 tons/year

Cat Bi International Airport (Hai Phong)

  • About 15km from VSIP
  • Expected expansion of 250,000 tons of goods/year (2030)

Van Don International Airport (Quang Ninh) has been in operation since December 2018

  • About 105km from VSIP
  • Expected throughput of goods is 10,000 tons/year

The distance from VSIP Hai Phong urban and industrial area to the following locations:

  • About 8km from Hai Phong port
  • About 15km from Cat Bi International Airport
  • About 46 km from Cai Lan port
  • About 125km from Noi Bai International Airport

Design plan of VSIP Industrial Park

2. Infrastructure situation

Internal traffic system: 2 main roads:

  • East-West Highway is 6.1km long, wide: main road: 80m, 90m, branch road: 26m, 56m.
  • North-South Boulevard: 4.8km long, 80m wide.

Power supply system: with a substation with a total capacity of 200 MVA, of which stage 1: 54 MVA.
Clean water supply system: with water supply plant: 69,000m3/day.
Waste water treatment system:

  • Waste treatment plant has a total of: 39,000m3/day, with phase 1: 4,500m3/day.
  • Standard factory: 1,700 m2; 2,550 m2; 2,750 m2.

Synchronous infrastructure VSIP Industrial Park

Fill rate: contact  TOPLAND 

3. Human Resources

According to a recent statistic, the average population growth rate in the period 2011-2021 of Hai Phong is 0.94%/year. The number of laborers aged 15 years and over working in economic sectors is 1,075.7 thousand people, accounting for 52.38% of the total population and 97.87% of the total labor force.

4. Infrastructure in use

Rent with infrastructure: 80-100 USD/m2
Electricity price:

  • The peak hour is 0.1USD/kwh.
  • Normal hours are 0.05USD/kwh.
  • The off-peak hour is 0.03USD/kwh.

Water price: 0.4USD/m3

Labor price: reference price is 200-500 USD/person/month (depending on job location)

Management fee: 0.5USD/m2/year

Wastewater treatment fee: 0.3 USD/m3

5. Attracting investment fields

Supporting industry; Food Processing; building materials; mechanical; power electronics; equipment and spare parts; medical instruments; transportation, warehouse

6. Preferential tax rate 

Corporate income tax:
Cooperatives and business establishments newly established from investment projects are entitled to the corporate income tax rate of 10% applied for 15 years from the time the project commences production and business activities; Being exempt from corporate income tax for 04 years from the date of having taxable income and reducing 50% of tax payable for the next 9 years.

Personal income tax:
Vietnamese and foreigners working in the Economic Zone are entitled to a 50% reduction in income tax for incomes subject to income tax.

Export tax and import tax:
Goods imported or exported in the following cases are not subject to import or export tax:

- Goods exported from non-tariff zones to foreign countries.

- Goods imported from abroad into non-tariff zones and used only in non-tariff zones.

- Goods brought from one non-tariff zone to another.

V.a.t tax:
- Goods and services traded between foreign countries and non-tariff zones and between non-tariff zones are not subject to value added tax.

- Goods and services sold and provided in the non-tariff zone are subject to the value-added tax rate of 0%.

Special Consumption Tax:
- Goods are not subject to special consumption tax in the following cases:

- Goods imported from abroad into the free trade zone.

- Goods are sold from inland into non-tariff zones and used only in non-tariff zones.

- Goods are traded between non-tariff zones, except for passenger cars with less than 24 seats.

Land rent, water surface rent:
Land rent and water surface rent shall be exempted for the entire lease term in the following cases:

- Investment projects in the fields of special investment incentives are invested in extremely difficult socio-economic areas.

- Projects on using land to build houses for workers of industrial zones.

- Land for construction of infrastructure for common use in industrial parks.

Exemption from land rent and water surface rent after the period of land rent and water surface rent exemption for the period of capital construction:

- Eleven (11) years for investment projects in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions.

- Fifteen (15) years for projects on the list of sectors eligible for investment incentives that are invested in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions.




Our services

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Address : No. 5 Lot 8A4 Le Hong Phong Street, Dong Khe Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City

Telephone : 0913.040.789

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